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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Dear golf fans!

We have a pleasure to invite you to take part in the Third International Golf Tournament “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2016”

The Third tournament in the history of Balkan Golf “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2016”, the tournament of three courses (54 holes) is going to be held on the golf courses: “LightHouse Golf &Spa Resort” , “BlackSeaRama” and “Thracian Clifs” on June 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2016. The non- proft foundation “KALIAKRA GOLF” established very interesting three-day tournament “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN” on the seaside of Black Sea in Bulgaria, near the cape Kaliakra, surrounded by amazing nature in its beauty and diversity. It is based on the principle: “No Age! No Limits!“, which gives the opportunity to test their strength and capabilities to a wide range of fans of the Great Game – GOLF. The interest to our tournament is growing with every year. The representatives of 23 countries participated in the tournament “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2015“ last year . In their persons we met people of all ages, beliefs and cultures. They showed their best features of sportsmanship in the game and a gentleman’s attitude to the opponents. The format of the competition allowed all participants to apply diferent tactical and strategic techniques to the game, to show their endurance. The intrigue remained until the last hole. In the “B” division the winner was determined in additional game.


The founder of “Kaliakra Golf” the professor S. Sardarov is turning 70. In commemoration to this event, we estab- lish a transitional cup “S. Sardarov’s Cup”, which will be played out between Balkan team and International team. The competition will be held within the tournament “CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2016. All information can be found below.

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