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Today the second round of CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2017 was held. Young golfer from Bulgaria Riveka Dzhumagulova has saved the leadership in A Division. She made the result of +1 at BlackSeaRama’s golf course. Her result in total is 140 shot during two rounds. The second position has changed. Momkus Darius from Litva is placed on the second position with the result of 143 shots. The third and the four place are divided between Bulgarian golfer Kralchev Stefan and Romanian player Matei Gelu with the results of 147 shots.

Results 2nd Round A Division

The leader of B Division is still Kenneth Burke from United Kingdom with the result of 65 points. Bulgarian player Todor Chakov is on the second position with the result of 63 points. One more participant from Bulgaria Kirchev Ilia is placed on the third position with the result of 60 points.

Results 2nd Round B Division

Yury Senkevich from Czech Republic has moved from the third to the fist position and is holding the leadership with the result of 72 points. Orlov Maria, the representative of Ukraine has abruptly moved from the 16th position and is charing the second and third position with Ivanova Dimitrina from Bulgaria.

Results 2nd Round C Division

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