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Today the S. Sardarov’s Cup was held on the course of Lighthouse Golf Resort. Balkan team played against the International team. Before the game founder of the Cup and the President of the Foundation had a speech to with the players good luck, succesful game and gentle relation to each other. Pleasant breezy weather was in the beginning of the day but already after two hours it rained. However, the match took place.

The International team won. Here are the names of the winners:

Momkus, Darius LTH
Freidinov, Yuriy UA
Baltramonaitis, Algimantas LT
Rimmer, Igor CAN
Zakirov, Ildar MD
Rusteika, Aurelijus LT Pryhozhy, Heorhi BY
Belov, Konstantin RU
Albina-Stieben, Ghennadii MD
Garabli, Gulay CY
Burke, Kenneth UK
Haigh, Antony UK Senkevich, Yury CZ Katok, Mikhail BY
Mezin, Andrei BY
Krapivin, Mikhail CZ
Orlova, Maria UA
Maksimchik, Zhanna BY
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