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SARDAROV CUP 2017 Competition conditions

  1. The match will be held between a Balkan and an International team:

a) Balkan team – including representatives of the following countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro

b) International team – including representatives of not Balkan countries.


  1. The teams will be formed based on the results from the first two rounds of CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2016:

a) 18 best players from Balkan countries: b) 18 best players from other countries:

6 players from Division A                           6 players from Division A

6 players from Division B                            6 players from Division B

6 players from Division C                           6 players from Division C


  1. The format of the competition will be Fourball – Better ball. Each player from each team plays the hole himself. Each team takes the best score and puts it up against the best score of the other team. The player with the lowest playing handicap, who must play off scratch, must concede handicap strokes to the three other players based on 90% of the difference between the playing handicaps.

The winner of the hole is the player with the lowest Net score.


  1. There will be 9 matches in total. Each pair gets a point for winning a match and half point for halving the match.
  2. The match will be held at Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort on June 17th, the day before the final third round of CAPE KALIAKRA OPEN 2017.


The winning team will get a floating hand-made trophy – a copy of the Thracian treasure (cup of Abundance) made of 3 kilograms of pure silver. The names and the countries of the winners will be engraved on the cup.            Each winner will also get memorable medals from pure silver.

Note: During the S. SARDAROV CUP, all other players will have the oportunity to take part in mini-competitions on the Driving Range, Chipping Area, Putting Green where they can win many presents and gifts. In the evening all guests and participants will have the chance to see the Golf Stuntmen’s  Show.

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