Noncommercial charitable foundation “Kaliakra Golf” was established for development andrallying of golfers, irrespective of nationality, age, sex and religion 4 years ago. “No age – no limits” is the principle of fund. The foundation’s base is located at three golf courses of the international class on the Bulgarian coast of Black Sea. Kaliakra is area of one of the most ancient civilizations, Cradle of Humankind.

Several connected aims were set for fund:

- holding large golf competitions to involve golfers from more than 30 countries of the World.

- expansionof the geography of golf and attractionof a wide range of people of all age to this popular around the world, game.

- search and support of young perspective golfers for their further involvement in professional sport.

In 2014 the Kaliakra Golf founded the largest in Eastern Europe and in the republics of the former USSR, and also on the Balkans, an amateur golf tournament “Cape Kaliakra Open”. Annually, in the middle of June, at courses of world-class golf clubs: “Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort”, “BlackSeaRama”, “Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort”, passes a 4-day amateur tournament, which over 180 golfers from more than 20 countries of the World participate in. The fact that this tournament is held in a three-round format and on three different golf courses makes it unique.

Not just amateur golfers, but also people who are achieving success in various spheres of life, participate in the Cape Kaliakra Open tournament, such as businessmen, politicians, government employees, artists, cultures and sciences. Representatives of various nationalities and religions, within 6-7 days make business, political, spiritual and cultural contacts.

Every year interest in our tournament extends.