Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions

The website www.kaliakragolf.com is a collection of websites (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), the creator and owner of which is the Kaliakra Golf Foundation. The website is a
virtual platform for selling goods – an online store bearing the trademark Kaliakra Golf. The Website has a specialized focus – selling a participation in the Kaliakra Golf tournament
according to the client’s individual desire.
All prices listed on this Website are final, unless expressly stated otherwise! All prices are valid until the sale of all places to participate in the tournament.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


• Seller – Kaliakra Golf
• Client – any natural or legal person or other legal entity using the Kaliakra Golf Online store in any way including, but not limited to, viewing, making orders, buying, returning goods, etc.
• Website – Virtual Platform for Selling Goods located on the domain https://kaliakragolf.com and its subdomains.
• Account – a section of the Website formed by a username and password that allows the Client to send the Order and which contains information about the Client.
• Order – an electronic document representing a communication form between the Provider and the Client through which the Client declares to the Provider through the Website the intention to
purchase Services from the Website.
• Services – any subject of the sales contract from the Website.
• Promotions – any commercial announcement intended to promote certain Goods and/or Services that are available in limited quantities, unless expressly stated otherwise in the commercial communication, for a specified period of time specified by the Seller.
• Contract – represents the distance contract between the Seller and the Buyer for the purchase and sale of Goods and/or Services from the Website, integral part of which the present General
Terms and Conditions for use of the Website are.
• Content – the information on the Website that is accessible through a device with an Internet connection.
• Newsletter – means of informing periodically about the Goods and Services offered by the Seller and sent electronically via e-mail or SMS without engaging or warranting Seller’s liability
for the information contained therein.

Kaliakra Golf Foundation, with management address Municipality of Balchik 9600, Lighthouse Golf Resort, Quarter Lake 61, hereinafter referred to as a Personal Data Administrator who collects and processes certain information about individuals.


This document contains the General Terms and Conditions under which “Kaliakra Golf Foundation” provides Services to its Clients through the Website. Each Client agrees with these General Terms and Conditions for the entire duration of the use of the Website, from the initial entry to its departure. The General Terms and Conditions are posted in a prominent place on the Website and are accessible to by any Client.

Object of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations related to the provision of the Goods and Services by the Kaliakra Golf Foundation through the Site.

Goods Subject to Sale

Product(s) and Goods offered on the Website are subjects to sale at the time of placing the sales order by the Client. Product(s) subject to sale through the Website, are described by type
and quality and are classified into separate categories of general and similar features.

Messages to the Client and a Newsletter

• By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of the website and any order made, the Client agrees to receive information via email and/or SMS about the order status.
• In a separate form, each Client may express his/her consent to receive information and promotional Newsletters and/or SMS messages from Kaliakra Golf Foundation,
• The client can express his/her refusal to receive a Newsletter at any time through his/her user account using the special link found in any newsletter or on the e-mail kaliakragolf@abv.bg.
• The refusal to receive a Newsletter does not mean an automatic waiver of the given consent for the conclusion of this contract.
• By providing personal details to the Seller (including name, surname, email, telephone, delivery address), the Client expressly agrees employees of the Kaliakra Golf Foundation or third persons partners of Kaliakra Golf Foundation to connect him/her.
• The Kaliakra Golf Foundation reserves the right to choose whom to send the Newsletters, as well as to remove from its database a Client who has given his/her consent to receive the newsletters.
• Clients are responsible for protecting the privacy of their password and account and are solely responsible for all actions performed through their account or password. Kaliakra Golf
Foundation recommends that they should exit from their account at the end of each session by pressing “Exit”.

At the same time, according to Art. 57 item 3 of the Consumer Protection Act, for personalized products made at client’s request, the work has started after your explicit consent and is carried out according to a period and requirements approved by you.
Therefore, according to this article, packages and services made on an individual client’s order can not be denied, returned or replaced.

Rights and Obligations of the User

The Client has the right to view, order on an individual request and receive Product(s) from the Website under the General Terms and Conditions set forth therein.
The Client is entitled to receive information about the status of his/her Order.
The Client is entitled to receive the requested Product (s) at the delivery address specified by the Client, after payment of the purchase price in accordance with the order specified on the
Clients may not distribute, modify (edit), copy (except for non-commercial, private purposes), transmit, display, exhibit, reproduce, publish, create secondary materials, transfer, sell or
otherwise use content on the website without the explicit written permission of Kaliakra Golf Foundation.

Rights and obligations under the Consumer Protection Act

According to the Consumer Protection Act, we are obliged to provide you with the following information free of charge from the Kaliakra Golf Foundation :

Our name and address: Kaliakra Golf Foundation, Balchik, Lighthouse Golf Resort, UIC: 176614233, VAT No: BG176614233

The main features of the goods are detailed on the presentation page of each product.
The price of the goods on the presentation pages of the relevant package and service is final and updated in real time when choosing price-adjusting options by the client.
The payment of the goods is in compliance with Art. 93 (1) of the Obligations and Contracts Act (CPA) for which the relevant document is received.
Kaliakra Golf Foundation is entitled to use subcontractors for the performance of the Services offered on the Website without the need to notify or obtain the User’s consent for this. Kaliakra
Foundation Golf is responsible for the actions of these contractors as its own.

Final provisions.

The General Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time by the Kaliakra Golf Foundation, and the same is obliged to notify the Client about changes to the General Terms and Conditions by publishing a notice on the changes and the changes themselves – to familiarize the Client with them. The client is considered bound by the changes from the time they are published, unless he/she states that he/she does not accept them. In the event that Client expressly declines to disagree with the changes, Kaliakra Golf Foundation shall be entitled immediately to suspend or terminate the provision of the Services to the Client, and the obligations incurred so far shall be enforceable.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notifications relating to the provision of the Services through the Website shall be made to the contact telephones/contact addresses advertised in a
prominent place on the Website and respectively at the indicated telephone/contact address of the Client. Notifications made in this way are deemed to have been duly received until proven